General Rules & Regulations:

I. General

  1. Students should wear their identity cards while they are in the campus. Defaulters are liable to pay a fine of Rs.10/-. In case of damage / loss, a new card will be issued at the cost of Rs. 50/-.
  2. When students discontinue or are debarred from the college they should surrender the identity cards. Certificates will be issued only after the surrendering of identity cards. In case of loss of identity card, an affidavit from a notary shall be produced.
  3. Courtesy to monastic members, staff, visitors and fellow students is expected all times.
  4. Every student should greet the teachers when he meets them for the first time during the day.
  5. Students speaking English language in the campus will be appreciated since the medium of instruction is English.
  6. The students should wear prescribed uniform. Students should wear plain white half shirt along with trousers of the colour prescribed for the house branch, shoes and belt. The students should wear the appropriate uniform for classes, laboratories, workshops, sports and other activities. Shirts should be tucked-in. Defaulters are liable to be (for every instance) assigned community work. Defaulters will on no account be allowed into workshops/laboratories.
  7. The students are expected to attend the college with decent hairstyle.
  8. All students should attend the prayer compulsorily. Students coming late for prayer will not be allowed to enter classes without the permission of the class teacher. Late-comers should do community work.
  9. Students must abide by the rules of the library.
  10. Students should keep the college premises and surroundings neat and tidy. Scribbling on walls, blackboards, drawing boards, desks or causing any kind of damage to the college property will be seriously viewed.
  11. Wherever wearing shoes is not allowed, they may be left at the allotted place in a proper way.
  12. Students should not indulge in any activity leading to the disruption of peace and discipline and normal work in the college. Violators will be punished suitably.
  13. It is imperative on the part of the students to attend the classes, functions and any other co-curricular and extra-curricular activities regularly and punctually. Students must take active part in the work allotted to individuals or groups. Students are expected to remain in the group allotted for any purpose.
  14. The students must not leave the college campus for any reason without the permission of the Principal during the college hours. Those students who disobey will be punished.
  15. Day-scholars (hostellers during working hours) are not allowed to enter the Hostel area without the permission of the Principal.
  16. Students applying for Government Scholarship must have a minimum of 90% attendance as per Government norms.
  17. Outsiders will not be permitted to meet the students during working hours without the prior permission of the Principal.
  18. Campus cleaning work is an integral and important part of education in the Vidyalaya and all students are expected to participate in it. Non-participation shall be considered as indiscipline.
  19. The students are expected to refer to the notice-boards regularly. There shall be no change in the functioning of the college unless and otherwise notified on the notice-board. Claiming any allowances on the basis of ignorance of information displayed will not be entertained.
  20. Use of mobile phones is not allowed within the Vidyalaya campus. If students are found using mobile phones, it will be viewed seriously and the following actions will be taken:
    (a) Seizure of the instruments
    (b) A day’s suspension
    (c) A fine of Rs.1000/- or community work
  21. Students who are guilty of rude language or attempting to assault the staff or fellow students of the college or framing false accusations are liable to be expelled from the institution.
  22. March-past practice sessions for National Days are compulsory. Defaulters will be fined Rs.50/- per day apart from an additional load of assigned community work in the campus.
  23. Attendance on Functions/ National Day Celebrations and on both the re-opening and closing day of every semester is compulsory. Defaulters shall be liable for a fine of Rs.100/- per day apart from an additional load of assigned community work.
  24. All documents/undertakings/requisitions are to be signed only by the Parents or representatives duly authorized by parents. Only parents or such authorized representatives are expected to attend the parent-teacher meetings.
  25. Students are discouraged from meeting the Principal/staff at their residence for any official purpose.
  26. No student is permitted to engage any of the lecturers as private tutors.
  27. Students are forbidden to join any outside sports organizations without prior permission from the Principal.
  28. The College is not responsible for the possessions of the students. The students are advised not to bring any valuables.
  29. Students should abstain from participating in any kind of party or communal politics. Students indulging in political propaganda or organizing fellow students as political factions in the premises of the college are liable to be expelled from the College.
  30. Any student who has been convicted for an offence in a criminal court will not be allowed to continue his studies in the college.
  31. If a hosteller is suspended / expelled from hostel for any disciplinary reason, he may be liable to be suspended / expelled from the college also for the same period.
  32. If the students are found indulging in misbehaviour with outsiders, mob fighting, eve-teasing and such acts, they will be suspended for one week. And if found to be indulging in similar acts even after the suspension period, they will be expelled.
  33. Suspended/Expelled students, for any reason, shall not be entertained in the college premises or elsewhere in Vidyalaya campus.
  34. Students who use motorcycles are motor cars should have proper driving licences. Students who use motorcycles should wear helmets and they should have only one pillion rider. Vehicles must be parked only in the allotted shed.
  35. Loitering, gang forming, slogan shouting are strictly prohibited.
  36. Private clubs or associations are not allowed.
  37. Smoking, consuming alcohol and such other practices are strictly prohibited. Defaulters shall be suspended for one week or even expelled.
  38. Students discontinuing from the course shall only be issued the Transfer Certificate of this college. Only the caution deposit, after deducting the dues, if any, will be refunded.
  39. The Character Certificate which may be issued to a student when leaving the college will depend entirely on his behaviour during his study in this college.

II. Classes

  1. Only after paying the tuition fee in full, the students will be allowed to attend classes.
  2. When teachers enter or leave the classrooms, students should raise as a mark of respect.
  3. Late-comers will not be allowed to attend classes without the permission of the class teachers. Such late-comers should pay a fine of Rs.10/- for every instance or he will be assigned community work.
  4. Students should bring with them, their text-books, notebooks and required materials for the academic sessions, as prescribed by the subject teachers.
  5. Students should not leave the classes in progress without the permission of the teacher.
  6. The students shall proceed towards their classrooms/labs/ workshops etc. in a disciplined manner.
  7. Students are liable to lose marks for late submission of assignments and record notebooks.
  8. Apart from information given to the parents in the parents-teachers meeting held twice a year, letters regarding irregularities like, poor performance in study, 3 days continuous absence, and securing below80% of attendance are sent to parents/guardians. These parents, regardless of their official or domestic commitments should meet the Tutor/ Head of the Department /Principal and submit their explanation or undertaking letters within the prescribed time. Till the formalities are over, the delinquents will not be permitted to attend classes.
  9. Students will be responsible for the tools and apparatus placed in their charge. It they are damaged they should be replaced by the concerned student. Also, the student should pay a fine of Rs.500/- for indiscipline. In the event of inability to identify the particular delinquent, the loss or damage should be met by the entire group/class.
  10. The college is not responsible for injuries sustained / accidents happened when students are negligent in observing the safety rules as specified.
  11. Special seminars/camp conducted as a sequel/supplementary to the training programmes may be conducted once a year. Any student absenting himself during the conduct of these programmes will be fined Rs.50/- per day apart from an additional load of community work in the campus.
  12. The students will be responsible for their own safety when they are on industrial visits, when they attend seminars, paper presentations, exhibitions or indulge in sports or attend NSS or NCC activities inside and outside the Vidyalaya campus.
  13. The parents and the students are responsible if the students do not come to college from their homes.
  14. The students are responsible for their own safety while travelling to reach their homes / college.
  15. Though Vidyalaya takes care to inculcate good habits in the students, the parents or the guardians are answerable for any willful misbehaviour by the students in public places.

III. Leave/Absent/On-Duty

  1. Students who require leave should apply to the concerned class teachers. Any leave, though granted, will be considered as absent and is sanctioned at the students’ own risk of meeting the attendance requirement or loss in subject training. The class teacher has the privilege to restrict leave in case of exams/functions/special assignments.
  2. No student shall be absent for the class without obtaining sanction for leave in advance from the concerned class teachers or HOD. Absenting without getting leave shall debar the students from attending classes until they meet the class teachers with their parents. These parents, regardless of their official or domestic commitments should meet the class teachers/Heads of the Departments/Principal and submit their explanation or undertaking letters within the prescribed time. Till the formalities are over, the delinquents will not be permitted to attend classes. The class teacher may waive the undertaking of the parents in cases where he feels the student has genuine reasons like medical or family commitments. The class teacher will not waive this norm if the student has been absent for three or more days without prior permission.
  3. Late-comers for practical sessions will not be allowed. Such students cannot claim for any compensation classes or any allowance during practical examinations.
  4. Students on duty shall leave the classes after duly informing the subject teachers.

IV. Continuous Assessment Tests

  1. Internal evaluation is done based on the performance of the students in their periodical tests/model exams and assignments.
  2. The periodical tests are named as Continuous Assessment Tests. All students must compulsorily appear for all Continuous Assessment Tests/Model Examinations. Retest will be allowed only for those students who absent themselves after obtaining prior permission. Only for these students, retest marks will be considered to be awarded for Internal Assessment.
  3. The students absenting for any of the Continuous Assessment Tests/Model Examinations, without prior permission, will be allowed to appear for the subsequent tests/exams only after obtaining the permission from the concerned HOD.
  4. No student will be allowed for Continuous Assessment Tests/ Model Exams, twenty minutes after the commencement of the tests/exams.
  5. Securing less than 40% marks in the Continuous Assessment Tests shall be considered as “fail” and the failed students will have to attend the remedial classes.
  6. If students are caught indulging in malpractice during Continuous Assessment Tests/Model Exams, the Malpractice Committee may award punishment upto the suspension of the delinquent student for one week.

V. End Semester Autonomous Examinations

  1. No student will be allowed to appear for Autonomous Practical Examinations without the record notebooks. Such students will be considered as absent.
  2. Students will be considered to have appeared for that particular examination only if they appear for all the components stipulated for such examinations.
  3. Leave on medical grounds will be granted only on production of a medical certificate from a qualified medical practitioner. Such students, however, will be treated as absent.
  4. The students absenting from any of the Autonomous Examinations, without prior permission of leave, will be allowed to appear for the subsequent exams only after obtaining the permission from the Principal.
  5. Students writing current exams and having arrears in any subject will be allowed to appear for the supplementary examinations in the subsequent semesters in the same scheme for a maximum of three semesters. Thereafter, the students having arrears shall have to appear for the equivalent papers in the scheme in force.
  6. In the case of students who discontinue or are debarred from appearing for the autonomous examinations for want of attendance or any other reason, will have to join the classes under the scheme in force.
  7. The students absenting from all the current examinations in one particular semester, will not be allowed to continue their studies in the next semester.

VI. Ragging

Ragging is an unpardonable crime against students community and students who indulge in this barbarian act will be expelled from the institution and also they will be punished by law (vide GO Ms No 469 ES & T/dated 24.04.1989 and DTE Lr No 109717/J3/ 88 dated 22.09.1989).

VII. Industrial Visits/Camps

  1. Participation in Industrial visits/Camps, wherever stipulated and whenever arranged, is mandatory for the students. The student may be waived by the concerned HOD if there are genuine reasons.
  2. Students should remain in the classified group only during the visits/camps.
  3. Students should follow the instructions of the staff and cooperate with fellow students.
  4. Students should not leave the group or stray away from the group for any reason.
  5. Students should maintain the expected discipline and decorum.
  6. Mobile phones are not allowed during Industrial visits/camps.
  7. Students will not be allowed to meet any relatives/friends during the visits/camps.
  8. Students should adhere to the instructions, guidelines, precautions and protocols conveyed to them by the visiting Industrial/Camp staff.
  9. Every student should submit a special assignment/paper within 3-days from the date of close of the Industrial Visit/Camp.
  10. Students should be courteous to the teaching and non-teaching staff during the Industrial visits/Camps.
  11. An undertaking should be submitted in the prescribed format before the commencement of the visits.
  12. Any act of indiscipline resulting in damaging the reputation of the institution will not be allowed and the indisciplined should pay a fine of Rs.1000/- and undergo a week’s suspension.