S.No Internal Grievance Committee – from 26.06.2018
Name of the Chairman / Member Mobile number Email-id
1   Chairman : Dr. N Balasubramani 9944488036      [email protected]
2   Members
    Sri. S. Senthilkumar 9566323780      [email protected]
    Dr. S Chandrasekaran 9865907802      [email protected]
    Sri. J. Jagan Rupchand 9894354234      [email protected]
    Sri. S Ramesh 9790686774      [email protected]
    Sri. O Bhojaraj 7598087211      [email protected]
    Sri. G Raghu 9751373806      [email protected]
    Sri. S Shanmugasundaram 9843699809      [email protected]
    Sri. C K Rathinasamy 9042895337      [email protected]
    Sri. S Aswin 9500290255      [email protected]
    Sri. M J Vigneshwaran 9600640963      [email protected]
    Sri. R Kulandaivel 9842229466      [email protected]
    Sri. A Senthilraja 9543308822      [email protected]
    Sri. S Ramasamy 9655712473      [email protected]

Note :
1.  As per GO Nos. 1017 Edn. (Z1) Dept. dt.18.07.1990, our college is exempted from employing Women against 30% vacancies.
2.  As per GO MS 78 Edn.  and Science and Technology Dept. Dt. 30.01.1995, our Polytechnic College is exempted from admitting Girls students.