Acts of Malpractice in Examinations:

A candidate indulging in any of the following acts in the examination hall will be considered as committed malpractice in the examination and booked for the same:

  1. Possession of printed / photostat copy / written materials pertaining / not pertaining to the day’s examination, or pertaining to the examination already appeared by the candidate in the form of book or loose sheets that have been either made use of or not made use of in the examination.
  2. Possession of programmable calculators, mobile phones, pagers, organizers, digital memory pad etc. With / without matters related to the day’s examination stored in them and made use of them or not in the examination.
  3. Writing any matter, formula, definitions, sketches, pertaining / not pertaining to the day’s examination, in any part of the candidate’s body, dress, instrument box, calculator cover, wall, table, drawing board, question paper, hall ticket etc. and made use of them or not in the examination.
  4. Writing any appeal to Examiner offering money or any irrelevant matters in the answer book, attaching money in answer books and giving contact address, telephone numbers etc.
  5. Writing the register number anywhere in the answer book or additional sheets other than in the fly slip.
  6.  Enclosing empty additional sheets, wasting the exam stationery wantonly.
  7. Writing the examination without valid hall ticket.
  8. Noting down the answers of problems in his/her question paper before leaving the Hall.
  9. Tearing off sheets from the answer book.
  10. Keeping with them, tables, handbooks, code books etc. which are not permitted by the Chairman, Board of Examinations, for the day’s examination and made / not made use of them in the examination.
  11. Talking with neighbours, showing signs or signals to others in the hall / verandah.
  12. Copying from printed / photostat copy / handwritten bits / sheets / books / programmable calculators, organizers, digital memory pad etc. in the examination.
  13. Exchanging with neighbours hall tickets, question papers, measuring scales, calculators, instrument boxes with any formula, answers, sketches, hints related to the day’s examination written on them.
  14. Showing the answer book / additional sheets to the neighbours or allowing them to copy.
  15. Giving / Getting the main answer book or additional sheets to / from neighbour for copying.
  16. Writing songs, stories, poems or drawing sketches irrelevant to the subject in the answer book or additional sheets.
  17. Writing the examination even after the final bell, not obeying to hall superintendent’s instructions.
  18. Striking off all the pages including the correct answers written by him / her in the answer book, when being caught for any act of malpractice.
  19. Telling the answer or formula related to any of the question to others writing the same examination.
  20. Inserting pre-written additional sheet(s) having matters related to the subject of the day’s examination into the main answer book.
  21. Replacing the answer book supplied in the hall by pre-prepared answer book brought by the candidate himself or got from outsiders.
  22. Writing answers in main answer book or additional sheets from outside the hall and passing the same to any candidate writing the examination for replacement / attachment.
  23. Refusing to give written statement, refusing to receive show cause notice, absenting from enquiries, running away from examination hall when caught for any malpractice, trying to destroy the evidences by tearing / swallowing / erasing / throwing away the bits and materials.
  24. Writing filthy / indecent / vulgar words or sketching obscene figures etc in the answer book or additional sheets attached.
  25. Acts of threats, violence, creating disturbance inside / outside the examination hall, preventing other candidates from entering the hall, misbehaviour with the supervising staff.
  26. Repetitive action of malpractice either in the same sitting or in different sittings during the course of study.
  27. Taking away with him the written answer book, without handing over the same to the Hall Superintendent.
  28. Trying to take away or damage other candidate’s answer book / additional sheets.
  29. Violating any other special rules / regulations prescribed then and there by the Board of Examinations.
  30. Impersonation – Arranging some other person to write the examination for the candidate (or) attempting to write the examination for somebody else.
  31. Assaulting Physically or attempting to attack any examination staff while being caught / booked for any malpractice.
  32. Causing damage to examination records.
  33. Arranging outside persons to terrorise the examination staff.
  34. Leaving the examination hall with the question paper of the day’s examination before the expiry of the period prescribed by the Board of Examinations (normally 45 minutes from the commencement of exam), in spite of the warning of Hall Superintendent / Additional (or) Chief Superintendent.
  35. Causing damage to the belongings of Examiners, as an act of vengeance. The candidates who had been booked under any of the above mentioned malpractice will be enquired by an Enquiry Committee headed by the Chief Superintendent of the examination centre and punishments will be awarded by the Disciplinary Action Committee constituted by the Chairman depending on the nature & severity of the malpractice.