Exam Pattern: Autonomous Examinations for all the Diploma Courses are being conducted in the following Pattern:

Semester                                Span of Study                           Examination

I, III & V Sem                            June – October                                   October

II, IV & VI Sem                        December – April                                 April

Requirements to appear for Examinations:

A candidate will be permitted to appear for the Autonomous examinations, only if:

i) he secures a minimum of an overall 80% attendance in the semester concerned.

ii) he pays the prescribed examination fees in time in full.

Condonation of Attendance:

The minimum overall percentage of attendance (in all subjects of the current semester put together) required for a candidate to become eligible to write the Autonomous Examination is 80%. Under extraordinary circumstances, for genuine and valid reasons, the Principal of the institution may condone up to a maximum of 10% shortage to a candidate, subject to the condition that he satisfies all the other requirements to appear for the Autonomous Examination. Under no circumstances a candidate with attendance less than 70% will be permitted to write the Autonomous Examinations. The condonement of 10% shortage will not be done to all candidates, but only for genuine cases; it cannot be claimed as a matter of right by all candidates.

Payment of Examination Fees:

A candidate appearing for the Autonomous Examination should remit the prescribed fee for all the papers in which he had not yet passed. Even though the list of arrear papers are announced with respect to each regular student of the institution, it is the duty of the candidate to verify, in each case, the papers he had already passed before remitting the exam fee. The examination fee with the application will be collected from the students without penalty fee / with a penalty fee of Rs.100/- as the case may be, only up to the last dates prescribed by the Controller’s office.

For candidates who have missed the opportunity to pay the examination fee on or before the due dates prescribed, a special provision has been made to pay the fees in which the candidate can submit a duly filled application countersigned by the Principal along with the usual examination fee plus a penalty of Rs.500/- on or before the due date prescribed for the same (usually 10 days before the commencement of Practical Examinations). Students who fail to register themselves for the Autonomous Examination, paying the examination fee within the prescribed time limit will not be permitted to continue their studies for that semester. Payment of the examination fee does not entitle the student automatically to be eligible to appear for the examinations. He must satisfy the stipulated requirements.

Issue of Hall Tickets / Temporary Hall Tickets:

Hall Tickets are issued to all those who have registered themselves for the examination by paying the prescribed examination fee (Refer Annexure-II) within the prescribed time limit. The hall tickets will be issued only for the eligible candidates who are without any dues. The Principal and the Controller of Examinations should have signed the hall ticket and issue the same to the candidate. No candidate will be permitted to write any (theory/practical/project) examinations without a valid hall ticket.

If a candidate misplaces the hall ticket issued to him, on request, he may be issued with a temporary hall ticket by the Controller of Examinations for that particular day’s examination on payment of fees (Refer Annexure-II). If a student loses his hall ticket, he must apply for a temporary hall ticket for every examination he has to appear for.

If a candidate fails to bring the identity card to the examination hall, a certificate attested by the Principal is to be produced to the Hall Superintendent for that particular day on payment of fees Refer Annexure-II).

Conduct of Autonomous Examinations – General:

The Autonomous examinations are conducted at the end of each semester for all students by the office of the Controller of Examinations. The schedule of examinations will be displayed on the notice board well in advance. The candidates are well informed about the details regarding payment of examination fees, last dates, and examination time-table for all semesters. Though the medium of instruction is the English language in the polytechnic college the candidates are permitted to answer in the Tamil language also.

The students should compulsorily bring their hall tickets and identity cards. If the candidates do not bring the hall tickets to the examination hall on the examination day, they should apply for temporary hall tickets. Staff of other polytechnic colleges are appointed as Hall Superintendents for the effective supervision of the examinations. Students booked for involvement in malpractices (Refer Annexure -1) in any examination (theory/practical) will be enquired by an Enquiry Committee headed by the Chief Superintendent. The candidates will be given a fair chance to defend themselves during the enquiry conducted at the institution on the same day. Punishments will be awarded by the Awards Committee constituted depending on the nature and proportion of the malpractice.

The answer papers are valued in Central Valuation (after they are assigned dummy numbers) and the results are published within 30 days after the examinations are over unless this process is hindered by external factors beyond the control of the institution.

An Awards Committee meeting is conducted to approve the results. The results of the examinations are published on the institution website. Moderation in marks are recommended by the Awards Committee for the subjects having any genuine negative feedback either from students or subject staff or evaluators. The individual mark sheets are issued within 15 days from the date of publication of results. The Provisional Certificates and Diploma Certificates for the students who pass out are issued by the State Board of Technical Education, Chennai.

Reasons for Disqualifying a Student from Appearing Autonomous Examination:

  1. Failure to acquire the minimum required percentage of attendance during a semester or in a particular subject. Such candidates, however, will be permitted to write the supplementary examinations of previous semesters, if any.
  2. Involvement in malpractice in the previous examinations and remaining in debarment.
  3. Being expelled or discontinued from the college.
  4. Overlapping of the suspension period on the examination schedules.
  5. Non-payment of fees in time.
  6. Lapse of maximum permitted time limit, unless notified.

Punishments for Malpractice as decided by the Awards Committee:

  1. Cancellation of all papers of the concerned semester written by the candidate in that sitting, including practical examinations, along with supplementary papers (Also refer Annexure – I).
  2. The institution will not issue Transfer Certificates or Course Completion Certificates to such candidates until the punishment period is over.

Criteria for Pass:

  1. No candidate will be eligible for the award of Diploma unless he completes the prescribed course of study successfully and pass in all subjects prescribed in the curriculum.
  2. A candidate shall be declared to have passed the examination in a subject if he secures not less than 40% in theory subjects and 50% in practical subjects out of the total prescribed maximum marks including both the Internal Assessment and the End semester Examinations marks put together, subject to the condition that he secures at least a minimum of 30 marks out of 75 marks in the Theory Examinations and a minimum of 35 marks out of 75 marks in the Practical Examinations.

Classification of successful candidates:
Classification of candidates who will pass out the final examinations from April 2019 onwards (Joined in first year in 2016-2017) in R5 – scheme is done as specified below.

First Class with Superlative Distinction:
A candidate will be declared to have passed in First Class with Superlative Distinction, if he secures not less than 75% of the marks in all the subjects and passes all the semesters in the first appearance and passes all subjects within the stipulated period of study of 3 / 2 years (3 years for regular entry / 2 years for lateral entry) without any break.

First Class with Distinction:
A candidate will be declared to have passed in First Class with Distinction, if he secures not less than 75% of the aggregate marks in all the semesters put together and passes all the semesters except the I and II semester in the first appearance itself and passes all subjects within the stipulated period of study of 3 / 2 years (3 years for regular entry / 2 years for lateral entry) without any break.

First Class:
A candidate will be declared to have passed in First Class, if he secures not less than 60% of the aggregate marks in all the semesters put together and passes all the subjects within the stipulated period of study 3 / 2 years (3 years for regular entry / 2 years for lateral entry) without any break.

Second Class:
All other successful candidates will be declared to have passed in Second Class.

Withheld results:
The final semester results of candidates who pass in the final semester examination, but do have arrears in the lower semester examinations, will be declared as ‘Withheld’ by the Institution till they clear all arrears. Mark sheets of such ‘Withheld’ cases shall be issued along with the Provisional / Diploma certificates only when such candidates pass their arrear papers.

Revaluation of Examination Papers:
In respect of Diploma Courses, any candidate can apply for evaluation of his answer script of any theory paper he has appeared, if he does not satisfy with the marks awarded to him in the paper. Firstly, the candidate has to fill in prescribed application form and remit Rs.100 per paper for getting the photocopy of the answer script. After going through the script, if the candidate desires for revaluation of the answer paper he has to fill in the prescribed application form, pay the revaluation fee (Rs.400/- per paper) by cash in the Controller’s office.
After the expiry of last dates, the script will be revalued by a panel of evaluators and the revised marks will be intimated to the candidates. The candidates who secure change in marks in the revaluation have to surrender their original mark sheets to the Controller’s office to get revised mark sheets. The revaluation system is not applicable for the practical subjects. Applications received after the prescribed due dates will not be entertained by the institution.

Eligibility to continue in the next higher semester:

Run-through system is adopted, in which the students are permitted to continue their studies in the next higher semester even if they do not pass in the lower semester examinations.
A student registering (by paying the fee on time) and satisfying eligibility norms for appearing in Autonomous Examinations and who has registered himself for the Autonomous Examination and has received the hall ticket, has to necessarily appear for the Autonomous Examination in atleast one paper (either theory or practical) of the concerned regular semester (not in supplementary paper of previous semester) in which he is studying to become eligible to continue his studies in the next semester.
Students who have not appeared for the exam pertaining to the current semester (even though they have appeared for supplementary examinations) will be considered as discontinued candidates. Such candidates will be re-admitted in the next academic year to repeat the subjects (pertaining to scheme in force) and are expected to satisfy all the prescribed requirements and eligibility norms to appear for the Autonomous Examinations (pertaining to scheme in force). In any case, a candidate will not be permitted to appear afresh for the examinations of two semesters in one sitting.

Readmission of Candidates:

A student who had discontinued/debarred his studies or who had not appeared for Autonomous Examination of current semester of study can apply and get re-admission in the same semester in the next or subsequent academic years, to repeat the subjects (pertaining to scheme force) and are expected to satisfy all the prescribed requirements and eligibility norms to appear for the Autonomous Examinations (pertaining to scheme in force).

Students will be readmitted on satisfying the following conditions:

  1. They have the opportunity to complete the course of study within the permissible time limit (six years for candidates admitted in first year and five years for candidates admitted through lateral entry).
  2. Students who have been debarred from writing Autonomous Examinations for involvement in any malpractice and have completed the period of punishment.
  3. No petitions are pending in any court with respect to his admission / exam results / punishments etc.

Re-admissions are not permissible in first semester for regular students and in third semester for lateral entry students, who have not written any Autonomous Examination, before their discontinuance of study. They have to forego their candidature and seek admission afresh.
A student seeking readmission into a particular semester should enclose the photostat copy of his mark sheet of the all previous semesters he has completed before discontinuing his studies along with the readmission application form. A last date, usually within fifteen days from the date of re-opening of Institution for the semester, is fixed and announced for the readmission of students.
The percentage of attendance for the readmitted candidates will be calculated from the actual date of their readmission.


  1. The candidate on completion of studies in each semester should necessarily register himself for the examinations of all the subjects of the current semester as well as for all the supplementary papers of all the previous semesters and shall appear for the Autonomous Examinations.
  2. Candidates with break in studies should have completed the course of study within six years (for regular) and five years (for lateral entry) from the date of admission.

Issue of Duplicate Mark Sheets and Diploma Certificates:

In case of loss of original Diploma certificate / Mark sheets, one can apply for the duplicate mark sheets and Transfer Certificate in the prescribed format with necessary documents to the Principal of the Institution by remitting the prescribed fee (Refer Annexure-II).

Application for Duplicate Diploma Certificate will be forwarded to the Chairman, Board of Examinations, Directorate of Technical Education, Chennai, only after producing the following:

  1. Proof of notification given in the Tamilnadu Government Gazette.
  2. FIR copy and Non-traceability Certificate from the Police department.
  3. Affidavit from a Notary public.
  4. Certificate from the Revenue Department.

Duplicate mark sheets and Transfer Certificates will be issued only after producing the following:

  1. FIR copy and Non-traceability Certificate from the Police department.
  2. Affidavit from a Notary public.
  3. Certificate from the Revenue Department.

Cancellation of Certificates:
The Awards Committee, by a resolution, can withdraw / cancel / withhold the mark sheets, Provisional / Diploma Certificates already issued to a candidate on the following grounds:

  1. Candidates found to have indulged in any act of malpractice in the Autonomous examination after the issue of certificates.
  2. Candidates found to have tampered themselves or given/ allowed any other person to tamper with their certificate for any purpose.
  3. Any other illegal acts pertaining to the certificates.

Revision of fees:
The fees, penalties and charges mentioned for various activities are subject to revisions by the institution from time to time. The candidate has to pay the amount as per the existing rates of the day.


The above regulations are formulated only to help the students inculcate in them values that would stand in good stead in their lives. The students and the parents are therefore requested to imbibe the spirit of these regulations and cooperate with the Management of the College in achieving its objectives of imparting academic excellence along with fostering values necessary for any citizen.
The students are therefore requested to go through the rules and regulations carefully and follow them scrupulously. All acts of delinquency shall be recorded as indiscipline in the student profile, apart from inviting punishment for such delinquencies. The College is not responsible for any negligence or ignorance of these rules by the students/ parents and such claims shall not be entertained.
The Principal, in compliance with the Management, may amend, revise, alter or cancel the above rules or add further rules from time to time for smooth functioning of the college. In case of disputes in interpretation of any of the above rules and regulations, the decision of the Principal is final.