About Vocational Training Centre:

As per the order of the National Council for Vocational Training, Government of India, Department of Employment and Training provided this institution in the tenth five year plan, permission to start a Vocational Training Centre under the Polytechnic from July 2003 as a special drive. The special drive of the Government meant better utilization of workshop equipment and passing on the advantage of polytechnic infrastructure to ITI and CPS students.

Courses Offered in the Vocational Training Centre:

  1. Fitter
  2. Turner
  3. Machinist
  4. Electronics Mechanical
  5. Draughtsman Civil
  6. Draughtsman Mechanical
  7. Mechanic Motor Vehicle
  8. Welder
  9. Electrician

1. Fitter:
Knowledge in precision marking, handling of precision instruments, mastering in filing, scraping operation and simple drilling jig, dismantling, repair and assembly of machine parts and their erection are imparted in this trade.

2. Turner:
Knowledge in different types of tool grinding, parallel, taper and stepped turning, boring, thread cutting and fitting; simple capston and turret lathe operations, CNC trainer lathe operations with simple programmes are imparted in this trade.

3. Machinist:
Knowledge in various operation in shaping, planning, slotting, milling and gang milling machines like setting job, tools, speed read on shaper, setting of stroke, cut slots, key ways and curves. Drilling operations on pillar drill, Cut spline – internal and external gears and sprocket on a slotter. Simple programming and operation on CNC are imparted in this trade.

4. Electronics Mechanical:
Trainees will be in a position to assemble, test and repair different power supplies, Audio amplifier and A.M. radio receivers, rectify the faults in Electronics gadgets like Television system, Oscilloscope, Communication system, Wave shaping circuits, Digital electronics are imparted in this trade.

5. Draughtsman Civil:
Knowledge in construction, drawing in various types of buildings, (building plan), drawing in AutoCAD software, measurement of building and estimation are imparted in this trade.

6. Draughtsman Mechanical:
Knowledge in free hand sketch of machine parts in the shop floor, projection of machine components, interpenetration, developing simple objects, fasteners, details & assembly drawings of machine parts, piping drawings, welding symbols, working drawing of gears, cams, jigs & fixtures, tracing and printing. Working knowledge in AutoCAD and pro-E software are imparted in this trade.

7. Mechanic Motor Vehicle:
Familiarity with shop tools, equipments, servicing and lubrication work in chassis, servicing and fault finding in engine, suspension, steering, brake assembly, clutch, gear box, universal joint, rear axle, water pump, Oil pump, petrol pump, fuel injector, carburettor, dynamo, self-starter, making wire connections and rectify defects in wiring circuits, recognize basic electronic components. Set ignition timing and valve timing. Drive and road test a Motor Vehicle, rectification and installation of air condition system in Motor vehicles are imparted in this trade. These students have been provided real time training through different vehicles operated by our vidyalaya.

8. Welder:
Knowledge in welding of joints uniformly by gas and arc welding, Weld ferrous and Non-ferrous metals to the requited standards and specialised welding like TIG, MIG, Plasma, Spot and Projection welding are imparted in this trade.

9. Electrician:
Knowledge in simple wiring in T.R.S., P.V.C. wires on two button, testing & connecting D.C. generators, motors and repairing minor faults, connecting and running a A.C. motors, carrying out simple windings, re-winding of detected faults in both DC & AC machines, installing a rectifier and repairing minor faults, rectifying the faults of simple amplifiers, home circuits, carrying out battery charging, and armature winding, etc.. are imparted in this trade. All electrical wiring requirements in out campus are carried out by these students.